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Dou you have animal overpopulation problems? 

We control the overpopulation of some species, in certain places, that cause some matter, 

sanitary, farming or to citizens (pigeons, ringdoves, rats, introduced snakes, rabbits, 

seagulls, goats…).

Pigeons imply problems when its population increases. Their excrements cause matters 

in roofs, gutters or terraces. Every pigeon produces 15-20 g of excrements everyday (it 

means 5-7 Kg every year), nests 4-7 times a year (it’s a focus of contamination). Wild 

pigeons carry 52 diseases transmissible to humans, such as cholera. 

Pigeons and sparrows also cause serious problems in agriculture and infectious diseases. 

Introduced snakes cause a serious problem in local ecosystem. Nowadays in the 

Balearics there are three types of introduced snakes.

The rabbits overpopulation cause damages in farmhouse gardens, golf courses, or even 

in agriculture, for instance in vineyards.

Wild goats devastate the vegetation of plantations, gardens, vineyards… 

We also control pine processionary (or processionary caterpillar).

The main issue is not the damage they can cause to the trees as a whole but, rather, the serious  physical harm caused by the caterpillars’ highly irritating hairs to people, and dogs in particular.  Dogs are especially sensitive since, when sniffing the ground, they come into contact with the  caterpillars or their hairs, which cause severe allergic reactions that can require tongue  amputation or lip surgery in extreme cases.